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  • Signature Face Mask
  • Skin Elixir Oil
  • Pure mukhakanthi choornam in environmentally friendly elegant golden tin
  • Signature Face mask
  • Brightens & clears skin

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Ayurvedic Face Mask. With the goodness of Sandalwood & Turmeric Earthen Wellness brings you a signature face pack that brightens and clears your skin. This face
pack is ideal for all skin types.

Directions for use

Take a tablespoon of the powder and add
two tablespoons of honey. Make a fine paste and apply evenly
on the face. Rinse after 5 minutes by scrubbing gently.
Use this mask twice a week.

Shankha in Sanskrit means the Conch and is an harbinger
of auspiciousness


Additional information

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This is the best face mask and I have used from a lot of brands; none gave an overall better skin like this one. It doesn’t just lighten the skin but clears it. I hardly get pimples since I started using this.

I have just stopped using ten different products for ten different problems since I started using this. It’s like getting the benefits of even skin tone, clear skin etc. all in one.

Easy-to-apply, suits all skin types and gets rid of any skin problem. What more can I ask for!

This is a totally a one-stop solution for all kinds of skin problems, I think. My sister, my mother and I all use this, so I don’t think skin type is a concern in any way.

I started taking it after coming across it randomly on Amazon after I tried to look up for some natural alternatives to my irritable bowel syndrome. This has honestly helped me a lot in my indigestion problems. It was an added benefit that Bilva is an immunity booster too.

This is the go-to product for my whole family. It works for all skin types and especially very effective in making the skin brighter and clearer.