250 ml ( extra 50 ml )

  • Relaxing Body Massage Oil
  • Pure Hamsa oil in elegant environmentally friendly 250 ml glass bottle
  • Daily Massage oil for hydration & muscle relaxation
  • Pre Natal & Post Natal care oil


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Shudh in Sanskrit means pure and bala signifies strength. This is a relaxing & rejuvenating full body massage oil from Earthen Wellness for your daily hydration. The classical text Sahasra Yogam prescribes this oil for Abhyangam and daily massage routines as a preventive measure for neurological disorders and rheumatism. The oil is safe and recommended during ante-natal and post-natal care. The oil keeps your skin very well hydrated and supple.

Directions of use

Take a bit of the oil in your palms, massage the oil firmly all over the body in a circulatory manner. Leave the oil for at least 30 minutes before taking steam and shower. This oil can be used daily.

Hamsa in Sanskrit means swan and represents eternal grace.

Additional information

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Been using this for 2 months now. Has a very soothing smell and absorbs quite fast leaving little to no greasiness, hence suitable for those with oily skin too. Highly recommended for especially dry skin.

I am 35 and I have been involved in on-site work since the pandemic rules became lax. Can’t tell you how much Shudhbala Oil has helped get rid of my body pains. I use it twice a week and I can literally feel all the fatigue melting away.

I gifted this to my sister as a part of her postnatal care package. She is a regular user and is very satisfied. She says that her skin is almost back to its natural stage and seems even more supple than before.

My mother has been suffering from rheumatism for quite some time now. And though there is no permanent cure for it, massage is one of the ways that eases her pain. So before going to bed I have made it a point to massage her joints with shudhbala oil, and she herself confesses that she feels much better.

I got this oil in my post-natal care package from my friends. One of the them had used it before and spoke very highly of it. Now I understand why. I used it every ten days and not only is it immensely relaxing, my skin feels much more soft and supple.