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  • Anti pigmentation Face Mask & Scrub.
  • Pure Lodhradi choornam in environmentally friendly elegant golden tin.
  • Anti pigmentation.
  • For acne prone skin.

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About :

Lodhradi choornam is ideal for acne & pigmentation prone skin. This choornam can be used to treat acne and reduces the affect of acne scarring and pigmentation marks. This is excellent for exfoliation of dead skin cells and brings radiance to the skin.

Directions of use :

Take a tablespoon of the powder and add two tablespoons of honey. Make a fine paste and apply evenly on the face. Rinse after 5 minutes by scrubbing gently. Use this mask twice a week.

Chakra represents protection to the fullest

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I have very oily skin so acne is a very common problem for me. I have tried some face wash and all and even if some of them helped with cleaning my acne temporarily, the marks remained and made me self-conscious. Then I came across Lodhradi Chooram and after such 4-5 uses I could see the scar marks from earlier acne reduced a lot. Very happy with the product.

It felt like forever since I had these dark pigmentation marks on my skin. I had almost given up on getting rid of them, but on my mother’s insistence decided to give Lodhradi choornam a try. Used it twice a week as a mask for a month and could already see that the spots had lightened considerably. Regular user now!

This is specially recommended if you live in a pollution ridden area like I do. Using this facemask twice a week cleans the dirt and oil thoroughly and really brings a glow to the skin,

I have always had skin issues, especially, acne and hyperpigmentation. Using lodhradi choornam has helped with both. My skin feels much more radiant.

I was one of those teemagers who used to get too much acne and pimples. Even now, when I am 21, I get a few here and there and the marks from the previous ones made me feel so self-conscious. My sister who came to know of it from one of colleagues suggested me this choornam and using it just twice a week for a month has made my skin so much better.

I had really stubborn hyper-pigmentation marks on my face. No matter what cream I used, they would never go away, they would may be lighten for some days and then go right back to as they were before. But all that changed with Lodhradi choornam. I have been using this for 3 months and my pigmentation marks are almost gone already.