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  • Sensitive Skin Face Mask & Scrub.
  • Pure Eladi Choornam in environmentally friendly elegant golden tin.
  • For radiance.
  • For sensitive & allergy prone skin.

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About :

Eladi choornam is ideal for very sensitive and allergy prone skin. This choornam can be used to treat rashes & itching. This is excellent for exfoliation of dead skin cells and brings radiance to the skin.

Directions of use :

Take a tablespoon of the powder and add two tablespoons of honey. Make a fine paste and apply evenly on the face.Rinse after 5 minutes by scrubbing gently. Use this mask twice a week.

Mayuri means peacock in Sanskrit & represents grace & perpetual beauty

Additional information

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For years I have struggled with finding the right skin product because I have very sensitive skin and I get rashes easily. My friend told me try Eladi Choornam two months back, and since then I use regularly. Very happy with the product.

My daughter who is a teenager used to get rashes and itches very frequently. A friend said that she had hyper sensitive skin and needs something natural to use on her face. She was also the one who suggested Eladi Choornam, now both my daughter and I use it regularly.

My skin is so sensitive that even the normal ayurvedic products were having some side-effect on the other, I guess because a certain amount of chemical is always there. But not eladi choornam mayuri, I have been using this since the past 6 months and haven’t had any side effects till now. Very satisfied.

I am using Eladi choornam as an exfoliation scrub twice a week. My skin feels radiant and I had a frequent breakout problem earlier much is also much better now.

I have a severe dust allergy which makes my skin very itchy, and the moment I itch even a little it turns all red which can remain for up to a week. Using eladi choornam has helped a lot, my skin is better now.

I have inherited extremely dry and sensitive skin from my mother, nothing I apply on my skin works, and I end up having ghastly breakouts. Finally, Eladi Choornam worked. After about a month, the rashes are almost gone and so has the itching with absolutely no side-effects. My mother also uses this.