CHEMPARATIAADI COCONUT OIL – SHUKA – 250 ml ( extra 50 ml)

pure coconut hair oil

CHEMPARATIAADI COCONUT OIL – SHUKA – 250 ml ( extra 50 ml)


  • Pure Shuka oil in elegant environmentally friendly 250 ml glass bottle
  • Daily detoxification massage oil for scalp & skin
  • Suitable for all skin types


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About :

Pure Chemparatiaadi coconut oil from Earthen Wellness is a healing and detoxifying oil for both scalp and skin. This Pure Coconut hair oil is traditional formulation to heal both scalp related issues and various skin concerns like eczema. This oil cleanses your skin and gives it its much desired radiance after purging out the toxins. This coconut hair oil adds shine and lustre to your hair and also reduces frizziness.

Directions of use :

Take a bit of the coconut oil in your palms, massage the oil gently all over the affected areas of the body in a circulatory manner. Leave the oil on your skin or scalp overnight. Wash with lukewarm water. This oil can be used daily.

Shuka in Sanskrit means parrot and represents beauty

Additional information

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Using this oil is like using an advanced version of the simple coconut oil available elsewhere. I generally leave it overnight and wash it off the next day, my hair has never been healthier.

I have always had sensitive skin which gets itchy and red easily. But since last year, the problem seemed to have worsened, especially at the back of my arms. Using Chemparatiaadi coconut oil has drastically improved my skin problems and I recommend it to anyone going through the same.

No matter what brand of shampoo I used, my dry scalp just won’t improve, and it was embarrassing you know, it always felt so itchy. My mother recommended me this oil and I have been using it regularly since the past three months. Literally a life saver.

I had to move cities due to my job and I have always had frizzy, but suddenly due to the change in weather it got so much worse. It was embarrassingly impossible to tame. Then a colleague of mine suggested this oil and I have been using it only for a month but already I can see the change and I am satisfied.

I had dry and frizzy hair, which was still okay because I had lived with it for most of my life. The problem started when the dryness increased so much that my scalp started to itch. This of course significantly worse in public. That is when I came across Chemparatiaadi coconut oil. After a month of using this oil just on a trial basis, I can see the improvement. Will continue definitely.

My skin had the typical problems that is brought about by impurities, rashes and itches all over. I needed a permanent solution to this; I couldn’t just keep taking medicines. My sister who heard it from a colleague suggested me this, and honestly this works so well. Most of my rashes are gone now, and the itching decreased after just 3-4 uses. My skin feels so much better.