Oily control face mask



50 GMS

  • Pure Nimbaadi Choornam in environmentally friendly elegant golden tin.
  • Oil control.
  • Glow & Radiance.


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About :

Nimbaadi Choornam from Earthen Wellness is an excellent oily control face mask that regulates excess oil secretion. This is an excellent exfoliation for purifying your skin and gives your skin the much needed radiance. It works well on acne prone skin and reduces the affect of scarring caused by acne and other pigmentation concerns.

Directions of use :

Take a tablespoon of the powder and add two tablespoons of honey. Make a fine paste and apply evenly on the face. Rinse after 5 minutes by scrubbing gently. Use this mask twice a week.

Amra in Sanskrit means mango and represents good tidings and radiance

Additional information

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After having struggled with acne prone skin for year, this face mask cum scrub was a life saver. My skin feels lighter and this has helped with my acne scars too.

Due to very oily skin, I had always had a pimple problem, even after my teenage years were long gone. Added with the fact that I had such sensitive skin that I couldn’t use maximum of these normally available creams. That is why I decided to try Ayurveda and Nimbaadi Choornam is literally a lifesaver for me! Not only do I hardly get pimples anymore, but the marks from my old ones are almost completely gone too.

This is specially recommended if you live in a pollution ridden area like I do. Using this facemask twice a week cleans the dirt and oil thoroughly and really brings a glow to the skin,

I have always struggled with oily skin, which led to a lot of acne. A couple of months is using Nimbaadi choornam and my skin already feels a lot less oily now and the number of acnes have gone down too.

I use this as a face scrub and honestly, it is the best I have ever come across. Thoroughly cleans the skin and leaves it glowing.

I didn’t have a lot of skin problems, for some reason they started after I shifted cities for my work. Probably because of the change of weather. The breakouts were so often that it became frustrating. Then one of my colleagues at work suggested using this. It has actually helped a lot in just one month, my breakouts are a lot less and my skin feels less oily than natural.