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50 GMS

  • De tan Face Mask & Scrub.
  • Pure Red Sandalwood in environmentally friendly elegant golden tin.
  • De tan Mask & Scrub.
  • Anti pigmentation.


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About :

Rakthachandana Choornam is also known as red sandalwood and acts as both a face mask and a face scrub. Rakthachandana is used for lightning tan and blemishes. It also helps in cooling the skin and works effectively in fighting acne. This is excellent for exfoliation & brings about an even tone for the skin.

Directions of use :

Take a tablespoon of the powder and add two tablespoons of honey. Make a fine paste and apply evenly on the face. Rinse after 5 minutes by scrubbing gently. Use this mask twice a week.

Kamadhenu in Sanskrit represents love, abundance and goodness.

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I gifted this to my sister who struggles with skin that tans easily. She loves the product and is now a regular user.

I have always had skin that tans easy, worsened by the sporadic dark spots all over my face. In short, even skin tone was a dream for me. I use Kamadhenu as a face mask twice a week and it is seriously effective.

I didn’t have any particular problem with my skin, it just didn’t have any shine. It felt dull and lifeless. My mother told me the benefits of red sandalwood and recommended this product to me. My skin really has a glow to it now and is growing better every day. Highly recommended.

I don’t know why but SPF induced creams don’t suit me. Which is why I needed a good tan removal option. Red sandalwood is known for it’s tan removal properties which is why I started using this product. Not only does it remove tan but also lightens blemishes. Would totally recommend.

I started using this for tan removal but this works in lightening blemishes too. Leaves the skin so cool and fresh!

I know everyone has tanning problems, but my problem is kind of worse. I literally tan within half an hour in the sun, and honestly, I didn’t want to normal face scrubs because there are chemicals and I am not comfortable putting my skin through that unless absolutely necessary. Finding a natural substitute which works 10x better while cooling my skin was such a big blessing. Highly recommended!