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250 ML (50ml extra )

  • Pure Tulsi oil in elegant environmentally friendly 250 ml glass bottle.
  • Daily Hair oil for new hair growth.
  • Root strengthening & anti hair fall oil.


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About :

Pure Bhrungaamalakaadi oil is an invigorating hair oil from Earthen Wellness that strengthens hair from the roots, prevents hair fall and extensively promotes new hair growth. This hair growth oil is deemed to be the elixir of hair oils.

Directions of use :

Take a bit of the oil in your palms, massage the oil gently into your scalp. Leave the oil on your hair your hair for at least 30 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. This oil can be used daily.

Tulsi the sacred leaf represents ritualistically strength and robustness.

Additional information

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I had been struggling with hair fall for years. No matter how many of these other shampoos and oils tell you that they are chemical free, a certain level of chemical is always there. But Bhrungaamalakaadi Coconut Oil seriously helped me a lot. I have been using this for 2 months and I can see major difference.

I used to cry in the shower at times because of how fast I was losing my long, long hair. Then a friend suggested this, not going to lie I was sceptical at first but still decided to give it a try because really, I had nothing to lose. It is amazing how radically my hair has changed, highly recommended!

I am not a fan of Ayurveda but my hair fall problem got so bad that my mother kind of forced me to use this. Nothing else was working. I don’t think I have ever seen any product working so fast. I am extremely satisfied and would recommend this to anyone going through the same problem.

I have had annoyingly dry hair all my life, I tried everything but it just won’t improve. Recently though, I also started having quite a bit of hair fall. Seeing me worried, one of my friends suggested me this oil. After only a month, the hair fall has reduced and guess what? My hair feels more hydrated too!

Even casually running my finger through my hair used to draw out some 10-20 strands. I was worried that at this stage I would go bald! Then my workplace friend suggested this oil and after just using it exactly five times, I can already see the difference!

A lot of hair products say that they would reduce hair fall, that’s like the most common tagline. But for me, nothing worked. Not to mention I had already lost a substantial amount of hair amidst all the trial and error. Finally, I stumbled across this oil and I thank the day when I did. My hair fall is much, much less only after one month and I can feel new hair growth too.