100% Arabica Instant Coffee

100% Arabica Instant Coffee


100 gms

AAA Arabica 100%


Italian Roast



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Arabica coffee beans carefully handpicked from the finest plantations of the Western Ghats. Italian roasted with precision to create the finest coffee with the perfect aroma and without any artificial additives or sugar. This coffee can be delightfully enjoyed as an Espresso, hot latte, cold frappe or simply black. This coffee brings about a strong start to your day and guarantees a rich tasting experience.

Roast: Italian Roast

Origin: Mudigere

Speciality: 100% Agglomerated Arabica

Taste Notes: Intense Coffee and ample in the mouth

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Okay so having this coffee in your home is like having a mini Starbucks in your house! This coffee tastes good both as cold coffee or in a strong, warm cup. Recommended for any and all coffee lovers!

Having this coffee at home is literally like having a small café. Be it latte, frappe or simply black, this coffee is simply perfect for everything!

Honestly, the aroma that this coffee lets out is unreal. I like doing various experiments with coffee, sometimes I will mess around and make frappe or latte, but no matter what I make, it smells so, so good. Ditto for the taste!

This is different than anything else I have tasted. Like, it is just the optimum amount of strong, not too bitter, there is a slightly sweet aftertaste, but even then, it is not too overpowering, just perfect.