Premium Instant Coffee

Premium Instant Coffee

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Unique AAA graded coffee beans

Strong taste, yet not overpowering.


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A fine blend of 80% AAA graded arabica and 20% AAA Robusta blended form the highest quality of Arabica and Robusta beans.

Savor a refreshingly unique coffee experience with a unique blend that is crafter to delight coffee lovers.

Roast: Dark Roast

Origin: Mudigere

Specialty : Unique AAA graded coffee beans

Taste Notes : Strong taste, yet not overpowering. An intensely rich mouthful experience.


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Weight .25 kg


This has very strong bittersweet taste which lingers for quite some time. The aroma is good too. Highly recommended for people who like their coffee strong.

This almost feels like my daily espresso shot, only better because it’s bitterness is not overpowering. A big thumbs-up, from all the coffee brands I have tried this one is the best.

I never understood all the drama behind choosing a coffee brand because I used to feel like they all tasted the same more or less, nothing memorably distinct. That changed with Premium Instant Coffee, can’t have anything else now, this is just too good.

If you are a lover of strong coffee who doesn’t mind the bitterness that comes with it then look no further, this is your elixir! Seriously no big brand comes close to what this coffee offers!

Having this coffee is quite an experience to be honest, the slightly bitter and mildly sweet taste blends so perfectly! This is the perfect treat for coffee enthusiasts!

Dark Roasted is my favourite kind of coffee, which is why I was so disappointed that most major brands that say dark roasted aren’t. That tangy strong taste is missing in most. Finding Pure Heaven is like literally heaven for me!

This coffee is all in one. So, I live with my sister and she is a cold coffee person. I, on the other hand, can’t survive without a warm cup of tea at least            twice a day. Thankfully, finally we found a coffee which tastes amazing in any form!