100% Arabica Organic Filter Coffee

100% Arabica Organic Filter Coffee

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(2 customer reviews)


250 gms

Single Origin

Shade Grown

AAA Arabica

Medium Dark Roast


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Premium coffee from the lush coffee plantations of the Araku Valley. This coffee is 100% Arabica without chicory and of the finest AAA grade. A connoisseurs delight. This organic coffee is grown in Araku without chemicals. The soil does not contain past traces of chemicals and pesticides .

Origin: Araku, Eastern Ghats

Roast: Medium Dark profile roasting of this blend gives it a nice gentle body and a mildly sweet taste.

Speciality: Premium Organic  AAA graded Arabica & Fair trade

Taste Notes: Aromatique, like all good Arabicas it is best served black. If you like to drink it with milk or cream, a splash of milk can be added to the brew.

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In the lockdown, when we can’t go to nearby tea/coffee shops also, this was like a gift to people like me who cannot survive without at least two cups of strong coffee per day. Regular consumer now!

I will come to the taste later but oh the aroma that this coffee brings when its being brewed! That is what attracted me first when my roommate was making this for herself and now, we are coffee partners!

I generally have coffee with milk and true, it tastes good with milk too but I think you’re really denying yourself something amazing if you are not having this black at least once. Honestly, once you do, you will feel like having it more like that.

The aroma is just 10/10. It just fills the entire room; the taste is good too. Especially, if you love dark coffee like I do then this coffee feels like its custom made for you.

The aroma that this coffee brings is a testament to how pure and free of chicory it is. Its really a delight for your senses: both smell and taste.

I am not a big fan of black coffee but my roommate is. Whenever she used to make this, it smelled so good that one day I asked her to make me a cup. I never thought that black coffee, which I used to think is just bitter can taste so good. Been having it since two months now.

Totally stands up to the Pure Heaven in the name. This is definitely pure heaven for any coffee lover like me. Both the aroma and the taste is amazing, slightly sweet but not too much.