Reiki Massage Therapies

Earthen Wellness Reiki Massage Therapies

( 60 minutes )

Reiki healing in Bangalore treatment oftentimes defined as palm healing or hands-on- body therapeutic, during which a practitioner puts hands gently on or over a patient's body to promote the patient's process of healing. Earthen wellness spa and Ayurveda center are equipped with nearly all the relevant and efficient relaxation techniques that we all know about. Reiki is one of the most traditional and spiritual relaxation methods from ancient times for humans physical and mental health. This therapy has been adopted by many elders as it is thought to be a very peace providing and meditational way of providing calmness and steadiness to the mind and body.

Basics of Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese method for reducing tension (stress) and brings relaxation to human mind and body which further promotes healing. It is conducted through a posture of the human body by “laying on hands". It is based on the faith that an invisible "life force energy" runs through human mind and body, which provokes us to be conscious and alive. Further, it is believed that if humans "life force energy" is weak or low, then they are more expected to get nauseated or perceive tension, and if it is high, then humans are more capable of remaining happy and healthy.

Wellness through Reiki

Though there are several allegations upon this technique of attaining relaxation that it is related to some kind of magic and is not right to practice. But the ones who have undergone the proper reiki process of healing, only they can give away a true feedback of what Reiki is all about. And from there point of view, it is a general process of healing as any other offered at earthen wellness spa and Ayurveda centre.

Reiki healing offered by Earthen wellness spa and Ayurveda centre is a simplistic, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can undergo. It is capable of reviving practically every identified sickness and ailment and always generates a helpful effect.

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