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Earthen Wellness Reflexology

( 30 Minutes )

Reflexology is also one of the services that Earthen Wellness offers. Foot Reflexology in Bangalore has faced with much criticism from various doctors that it doesn't have a medical basis since it is based on affecting the Qi energy of the humans. Qi also is known as the life force is manipulated in Reflexology. Even in the face of so much flak, Reflexology has been seen to be used by many people as a treatment for many diseases and conditions. The art of reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that is used to relieve anxiety and help in the treatment of various diseases like cancer, diabetes, headaches. The roots of reflexology are believed to be in China and Egypt but with the passage of time, its effectiveness was witnessed everywhere and hence it was adopted by several companies.

What is Reflexology?

Foot Reflexology is a massage treatment which has shown to be very effective in treating a number of conditions affecting the human body. The reflexologist uses pressure at a number of specific points of feet, hands, and ears to affect various areas of the body. The body is divided into two equal halves vertically; each half has 5 zones which are affected simply by massaging certain points on the feet. This is done because the Qi or the invisible life force of the human body is blocked in those areas and thus prevents healing. Therefore through thumbs and fingers, certain points of feet stress and pain in various other parts can be relieved.

Earthen Wellness

Earthen Wellness is a Bangalore based therapy and spa company. Appointments can be done via email at and they can even be contacted through phone by 080-41411546. Earthen Wellness has been trying to emulate the traditional non- chemical treatments for curing and helping people with various conditions. They are passionate about using the purest and the most remunerative ingredients to achieve their goal.

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