Earthen Wellness Accupressure

Acupressure practices natural pressure points to ease the pain, overcome stress and elevate health and wellness. Acupressure Treatment in Bangalore is a reliable, efficient and simple to do, which makes it an excellent partner for addressing critical pain and frequent illnesses. Under the category oriental sojourn, earthen wellness offers an entire world of traditional healing techniques which helps in balancing fields which contains reflexology, acupressure, and Thai massage.

Benefits of Acupressure

Benefits of acupressure are pretty diverse and this technique is appropriate for the various healing of illnesses and disorders. It helps in achieving a better emotional health for every individual since it helps in re-opening the Qi-flow in the body which helps in attaining a balanced emotional state. Women, in particular, can gain a lot through acupressure since it helps in curing a lot of general health, emotional release, menopause, maternity, low spirits, suffering, depression, and even violence and harassment problems.

Acupressure for various dysfunctions

Acupressure is helpful in stimulating the human body’s natural self-healing characteristic and capabilities to its best. Moreover, it also helps in alleviating various psychological and physical dysfunctions which people face in their daily life. Physical dysfunctions that can be cured through acupressure are arthritis, aches, and pains, cramps, fatigue, muscular tensions, stomach disorders, sagging of facial muscles and even spams. The psychological disorder that can be cured via acupressure is self-esteem issues, self-confidence issues, Insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, emotional imbalance, hyperactivity, and even sexual disorders.


Acupressure Treatment in Bangalore helps in achieving a better emotional health, manage stress, treat stress related to psychological and physical dysfunctions. It comes with an added benefit of relieving back pain, helps in attaining sleep better, enhances the youthful glow of skin, enhances the sexuality quotient, prevents and even treats sports injuries. Moreover, it can help in losing weight too. So many boons of having acupressure today itself. Earthen wellness has a team of specifically trained and learned assistants for acupressure.

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